Our journey at Laiao B2B Custom Cables has been marked by significant achievements and milestones that reflect our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

2007: Foundation of Shenzhen Xierun Electronics Co., Ltd.

Our humble beginnings saw the establishment of Shenzhen Xierun Electronics Co., Ltd., focusing on USB cable manufacturing for the Chinese domestic B2B market.

2018: Expansion to Dongguan with Dongguan XunYue Electronics Co., Ltd.

To meet growing demand and expand our operations, we founded Dongguan XunYue Electronics Co., Ltd., further solidifying our presence in the consumer electronics industry.

2018-03-29: Patent Grants for USB Cables

Our commitment to innovation was recognized with the granting of patents for USB cable designs, showcasing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology.

2019-01-01: Certification for PD30W Fast Charger

Achieving certification for our PD30W fast chargers marked a significant milestone, allowing us to proudly display the Intertek mark on our products and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

2020: Establishment of Huizhou ProgTech Group Co., Ltd.

The formation of our parent company, Huizhou ProgTech Group Co., Ltd., laid the foundation for further growth and expansion, bringing together our various manufacturing entities under one umbrella.

2021-07-14: Attainment of ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification underscored our commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction, further enhancing our reputation as a trusted provider of consumer electronics solutions.

2022: Expansion and Rebranding

A year of significant growth saw the establishment of Huizhou XinYang Electronics Co., Ltd., Huizhou Huike Cable Co., Ltd., and Huizhou Laiao Electronics Co., Ltd., further strengthening our position in the market.

2022-08-1: Compliance with International Standards

We attained a series of certifications, including UL, CE, UKCA, and RCM, ensuring that our products meet the highest international standards for safety and quality.

These milestones reflect our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, driving us forward as we continue to serve our customers and partners with cutting-edge solutions in the consumer electronics industry.